"Master the Art of Fraud Detection"

Techniques, Tools, and Resources


In today’s corporate world accountants need to acquire skills beyond the basics of recording transactions and completing audits. Forensic accounting is a field that can provide you with the skills needed to detect, deter and prevent fraud in organizations. Joseph Petrucelli, an adjunct professor at the College of Staten Island and the City University of New York (CUNY), is developing cutting edge, graduate level courses that follow the principles laid out in his new textbook, Detecting Fraud in Organizations: Techniques,


Are you an Accountant, Lawyer, Master of Business Administration, or Financial Planner? Do companies hire you to manage their finances, watch their bottom line, or file taxes? Are you satisfied with your accounting methods? Do you ignore the fact that  fraud might be occurring in your organization? Do you want to step up your game, fight fraud, protect your client, and fortify the financial health of your business? Many companies hire people for their accounting skills, and they assume that they are protecting their 


Not every business owner is ready to learn about the finances of his or her company. On a recent episode of Restaurant Impossible on the Food Network, host Robert Irvine visited a struggling restaurant. He analyzed the financial records, and in one day he uncovered that there was at least $100,000 unaccounted for due to employee theft and ‘comped’ meals. He uncovered this just by looking at one inventory item – steaks! Every day thousands of business owners make this critical error. They may assume their tax accountant would uncover such an anomaly, or they are simply overwhelmed with the prospect of delving into the books. Your accountant is filing your taxes, not managing your company or looking for fraud. You probably do not pay him or her for such services. As a business owner, can you afford to ignore it any longer?